About Us

Offering courses in Yoga, Tantra, Spirituality and rare Ancient Sciences to the world under the guidance of Enlightened Masters!

Welcome to Shakti Multiversity

Shakti Multiversity is the only resource available in India that offers the opportunity to learn Yoga, Tantra, Ritualistic processes and many other ancient occult sciences in its purest and authentic form. This initiative by enlightened Tantra Masters Ma Shakti Devpriya and Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath aims at making the applied spiritual knowledge available to all the seekers worldwide.

You are eligible!

So, if you are interested in changing your lifestyle or learning for the sake of knowledge you can begin right now. At Shakti Multiversity the courses in Tantra, Yoga and other sacred disciplines are presented in the most simplified form so that even those who have no prior exposure of the subject can equally understand and benefit.

You get personalized practices!

Guided by the Indian Guru-Disciple system Acharya and Ma Shakti emphasise that before any individual is given a practice her/his needs, capacities and level must be assessed so that the practices bring about the desired growth. At Shakti Multiversity every person who is aspiring for perfection and growth is given personalized practices. There is nothing like - One pill for all. Your Sadhana elements will be uniquely prescribed by the teachers. By all means You are an Individual - Not the classroom!

Masters Supervision - Today, Tomorrow.. Forever!

When you join any course you can be sure of being under the supervision of seasoned practitioners and subject experts. At Shakti Multiversity you are assisted, assessed, guided and supported by experienced teachers throughout your learning phase and beyond.

Distance is No bar in Learning!

Shakti Multiversity offers many types of courses. All 'Discipleship Programmes' do not require you to be physically present in front of Teachers*. Technology makes the interactions between teachers and students a REAL-TIME experience. These discipleship programmes are offered LIVE which can be attended anywhere from the globe. The desirable element of continuous guidance and supervision during practices is met throughout.

PLUS there are countless "Ancient Wisdom Modules" which you can access online on our site. Every 'AWM' contains a LIVE interaction at the end of the course as follow up and doubt clearing. So wherever you are located, you can now rediscover, rejuvenate and empower yourself without bothering about the cost of travel etc.

Unbroken Sacred Guru-Lineage Ensures authenticity!

Shakti Multiversity has been established to propagate the teachings and grace of siddhas in 'Gurumandala'. Multiversity's founders Ma Shakti Devpriya and Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath have jointly more than 35+ years of experience in the field of Yoga and Tantra. They represent the rarest Krama System of Srividya sadhana in the divine lineage Hayagreevanandanath ji. Their personal journey to enlightenment has been supported by various adepts and Gurus in tantra's Vama & Dakshina Marga, Yoga, Swara and Kriya which they reverently call 'Gurumandala'.

* Advanced initiations, intricate Yoga-Kriyas and ritualistic lessons are not offered online. You must personally present yourself for learning and getting initiated into such processes.