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Pranayama without preparation can cause unexplained diseases!

 Tue, 05 Jun 2018     Source: 


Dear Readers, disciples and friends,

I have been warning people about the indiscriminate usage of a particular Yogaanga pertaining to breathing – The Pranayama. It has only been out of compassion and in the spirit of keeping the ancient discipline of Yoga intact. I have probably wrote the maximum number of articles and posts concerning this subject. Looking at the statistics of this blog site, comments and hits on various posts I can safely say that by now at least 4,00,000 people read the posts relating to pranayama and probably have gained insight through these posts. Although it becomes quite repetitive for me to mostly keep writing about one subject but despite that I can do that for still millions are to be educated.

The team that manages the blogs , facebook page and help centre had been and still receiving thousands of mails and comments from people across the globe ever since the posts on authentic processes of Yoga and Pranayama were made live. These comments and mails are mostly in appreciation, quite a few queries and many condoning but some are skeptic too. All that is fine but then some people started posing serious doubts on the intention behind these writings of mine. Such as below –

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