5-D Shakti Healing

5-D Shakti Healing is the powerful Tantric healing system that works on all the five levels of your existence. The elaborate 18 Hr course is right mix of knowledge and practicals to give the learner firsthand experience of its benefits.

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Course Description

Healing and health has been integral part of almost every Indian spiritual systems. Yoga and Tantra are the two such systems that India has given to the world. While Yoga’s efficacy to health is a proven fact the Ancient Tantric Healing systems are mostly in the veils. Tantra as a discipline has always been a guarded secret cult generally away from the reach of the masses. The only reason about such secrecy about Tantric processes has been owing to the fact that these techniques are extremely powerful & double edged therefore if they fell in wrong hands they could have been misused and abused.

It is purely unconditional love of the Lodge of Tantric Masters** that, Ma Shakti and Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath have been ordained to make the 5D-Shakti Healing available to the world now. 5D-Shakti Healing has purely tantric approach to health and healing – presenting specific solutions and precise methods to alleviate disease, pain and suffering from human life within the framework of ‘Law of Karma’. It will be fair to say that 5D-Shakti Healing is India’s gift to the Healing needs of the modern world.


Tantra recognizes that a human being does not operate only on the plane of this physical body. A human soul is experiencing the pleasures and pains of this worldly plane through its 5 different sheaths it is covered in – the Pancha koshas. It also understands that every human soul comes on this physical plane with the sole purpose of enjoying the fruits (whether sweet or bitter) of its ‘karmic’ baggage. Therefore if you are trying to reduce your bodily diseases and sufferings by physically treating it through ‘Therapies’ and ‘Medicines’ you are not attending to the root cause of it. Through such methods you can only ‘treat’ but can’t ‘heal’ yourself.

5D-Shakti Healing is a TOTAL Healing system that works on the root-cause of your sufferings hidden deeper in koshas e.g. Mind body, Prana body, Karma body etc. It restructures all the layers of your being through appropriate practical methods. It works on your entire being making you healthy, peaceful, joyous, kind, loving and generous – A truly ‘Living’ being!

Course Duration

This is an 18 Hour intensive programme by Masters that is available in residential setting or LIVE Workshop*. Since it involves learning few techniques around breathwork and bodywork, the LIVE Workshops are conducted under the local supervision of The Shakti Multiversity teachers/facilitators.

In Live session it is taken in 9 sessions of two hours each session. As an onsite course it is a 4 Day residential course.

Course Curriculum

Tantra is a system of harnessing energies and intentions through fusion of inner and outer processes. The universe is storehouse of infinite variations of energy or Shakti manifestations such as plants, animals, tattvas, sounds, celestial bodies and even celestial beings. 5-D Shakti Healing being a Tantric system of healing makes use of wide variety of elements in it. The students are taught:

  • Brief Energy Anatomy of Human Body
  • Types and Functional Importance of Prana Currents
  • Unclogging of Energy Channels through breathwork
  • Cognition of Doshas and select Natural Alleviation Methods
  • Specific bodywork central to organ healing
  • Oriental Sound Healing for Major Organs
  • Making use of major Marmas for Healing
  • Self-Protection Techniques using Gurumandala’s invocation
  • Self-Attunement to the Grace-field of gratitude
  • Training in specialized energy processes for self-healing
  • Techniques of igniting special hidden powers within one’s own body
  • Making use of 3-D Yantras for Elemental-Energy Healing
  • Careful invocation of celestial energies through Mantras
  • Specific usage of select herbs & stones
  • Brief Introduction of Healing Mandalas and Mantras

5-D Shakti Healing is more of a practical workshop that makes use of working knowledge in Tattvic EnergiesGemsHerbsYantras, Symbols, Mandalas and ‘Body & Breath processes’. Apart from using just these tangible means a tantric healer is capable of channelizing the finer energies of higher realms for one’s good through the application of powerful invocations, Mantras and sacred energy processes within and outside human body.

Eligibility Criteria

This programme is available ONLY to the Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners. One must be a Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner oneself to learn this.  WHY?


Getting initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan means you are having knowledge of Human Energy Anatomy’. With Tattva Shakti Sadhana comes direct experience of working with the energies of ‘Tattvas’, Symbols and Mantra’. Since Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is a tantric spiritual discipline it also readies the practitioner to be able to handle various aspects of ‘Body Centric’ healing processes’ that are essential part of 5-D Shakti Healing.

Tattvic purification and protection of Gurumandala  available to a Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner enables him/her to fearlessly experiment and benefit from higher energies. The Gurumandala’s presence also ensures that the healer shall not be endangered in case he/she is dealing with paranormal causes.

Course Benefits

There are myriad of benefits gained by 5-D Shakti Healing. Here we are sharing some frequently asked questions with you that will help you gain clarity about the course and its benefits.

Why Tantric Healing System is better than Yoga

Yoga uses only two tools – body and breath while Tantra makes use of multiple energy processes, herbs, yantras, body currents etc. and also heavily focuses on harnessing divine tattvic energies. While Yoga is a step by step process and slow, Tantra is quite flexible and can also be used SOS in urgent situations.

The most important aspect of ‘Tantric healing’ is that it teaches the healer to differentiate between ‘Aadhi’, ‘Vyaadhi’ and ‘Upaadhi’ and adopt suitable technique for healing rather than just be hooked on to medicines and bodywork. More often than not the suffering or disease is caused by external unknown (for normal people) forces which can be dealt with only through psychic means. Such paranormal influences can be removed with the use of ‘Tantric Healing’. Therefore 5D-Shakti Healing is far more effective and deeper in its understanding of suffering and also eradicating the physical/mental/spiritual suffering which Yoga is not capable of.

Can I heal others with 5D-Shakti Healing

There are two learners’ level in 5-D Shakti Healing. First level of this programme is about ‘Tantric Healing Essentials’. After assimilating the first level the phase of learning-experimenting usually lasts from 6 months to 2 years (depending on your sincerity and regularity). During this period the Healer is not supposed to heal others. However once they become proficient in the ‘Tantric Energy processes’ and develop sound understanding of ‘Mantric Energy Processes’ they may choose to go for Second level of “5D-Shakti Healing’ after which they can definitely serve others.

Can I heal paranormal influences through 5D-Shakti Healing?

Yes! A good healer is one who is able to identify the influencing negative energies and entities but a powerful healer is one who has strength and capacity to deal with these dreaded energies and ward them off. 5-D Shakti Healing gives the practitioner such powers that he/she can handle virtually every negative influence of this planet. This capacity is earned with the healer’s discipline, devotion to the nature’s benign energies and through the mastery of tantric processes under the strict guidance of Masters. Usually a beginner is not advised to engage in such cases for he/she may get harmed but as one progresses under the guidance of Masters one take up paranormal influences head on and knock them off too.


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Terms & Conditions

You can register for this course after checking for the available dates for the course in the calendar. Choose the suitable batch and starting date of the batch. Please mention the chosen batch and dates while purchasing the course. Please do check eligibility (If any) for the course before registering.

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