Tattva Shakti Vigyaan : Introducing Tantra To Modern Man
A must have for all Tantra beginners and enthusiasts!
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Introducing Tantra to Modern Man. Today when the whole world is driven by Material Sciences the obvious questions have taken back seat. Hardly anyone is interested in understanding oneself. We seem to be more interested in knowing how to control dead objects but hardly make any efforts to understand the power and Mystery of consciousness, body and mind which we all carry with us. The spiritual practices are time tested means to realize and experience the power of consciousness. In fact there are a lot of things yet unknown to the scientific fraternity about the power of mind and consciousness but the encouraging thing is that off late we have seen science becoming interested in evaluating spiritual practices. It would be quite illogical on our part if sincere efforts in using the resources and knowledge which our ancestors have left with us. It is my conviction that through revisiting our ancient Sciences like Tantra, yoga, Mantras etc. can prove quite Insightful for those who are interested in the subject. This book is definitely a great beginning for everyone, especially if they wanted a peep in to the tantric spirituality. I am sure upon understanding the dynamics and processes of the path more and more rational people shall be interested in experimenting with Tantra. Of course the course and horizon of Tantra is extremely vast and this book focuses on Tattva Shakti Vigyaan - the part of applied Tantra which can be verily used for attaining better health and material abundance. The book shall definitely be able to remove many doubts, especially the fear psychosis around Tantra which prevails in masses. Most importantly the topics covered in the book are the most important ones and definitely open to exploration by each one of you.