Practical SOLAR Power Therapy ( प्रायोगिक सूर्य चिकित्सा )

Sun is the source of life energy. Scientists tell us that it is perfect black body radiating entire range of frequencies towards us. Sun Therapy or Soorya Chikitsa makes brilliant use of the sun's specific color bands to deal with diseases and ailments. It is cheapest and most effective treatment..

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Course Description

Why Solar Power Therapy?

Solar power therapy is a very powerful ancient therapy.  Many researches have been done on Solar Power Therapy and all unanimously support the effectiveness of it. More and more people are getting interested in it because one it is very useful and Powerful and secondly it is very easy to apply and above all it is completely free. Our ancestors and olden Rishi understood the specialty of sun-rays very clearly. The healing properties of sun rays has been described in various Upanishads and Vedas and we also do experience the power of sun-rays in our life daily. Like, suppose you experience some smell or humidity in blankets and mattresses you put them for sometime in the sun and everything is fine. Infested grains, can also be used again once kept in sunlight for few hours.

People living in places where there is no or very less sunlight are generally more prone to diseases and are weak. The immune system of such people also gets very weak. There is also a saying “ Where the sun does not enter, the doctor must’.  We just cannot imagine a life without sun, in fact there can be no life on the earth without sun. Even the distance between the sun and the earth is in such a way that we are able to get the sunrays in a most positive and healing form. If the sun would be just a little more farther or nearer to our earth, the life would not be the same. The sun is continuously showering its blessings on the birds, animals, insects, trees rivers mountains on everyone. We get energy, strength and enthusiasm by spending sometime in the presence of sun-rays. The early morning sunrays supply ojas to the body and also help in taking in pure oxygen. The early morning sun is said to be the life of whole world. Solar Power therapy also known as Surya Chikitsa is the point where science and nature are coming together.

Scientists  & Researchers ditto Indian Seers!

There are no reasons to fear sun. A fear psychosis has been created, especially in the western part of globe that little excess in sun exposure is dangerous. This is completely untrue and now many scientists and researchers are echoing the same views as of our ancient Rishis who hailed Sun as the celestial father of mankind. If you wish to read more there are many articles available over the internet for you to read. So stop fearing the exposure to sun and sun-tan and let the golden sunlight nourish your body and being.

Solar Power Therapy goes a step further and says that to derive certain medicinal benefits of Sun you don't have to burn your skin. There are ways to absorb specific healing vibrations in certain food items we consume everyday. In fact Surya Chikitsa is a wonderful therapy that can be learnt and practiced without fear and with ease. Only requirement is a keep mind and access to a space where there is ample of sunlight available. You can learn to heal yourself and your family by learning the simple principles of Solar Power Therapy in just few months!

Course Curriculum

As the rays of the sun are limitless, so are its uses and applications. You will be getting basic tools to understand the correct way to make medicines and use them. You will be amazed to know the innumerable applications of Solar Power Therapy.

  1. Introduction to Solar Power Therapy
  2. Correct way of taking Sunbath
  3. Sun- Gazing techniques for better health
  4. Various colours of the sunlight and their properties
  5. Principles of forming medicines using Solar Power Therapy
  6. Making various types of Powerful medicines using Sun-rays
  7. Techniques for preparing colored bottles for brewing medicines
  8. Methods to charge and re-charge your medicines
  9. How to mix various charged medicines to make tonics
  10. Making pain relief oils with help of Solar Power Therapy
  11. Understanding dosage for adults and children
  12. Making SOS medicines using Solar Power Therapy
  13. Ways to store medicines made by Solar Power Therapy
  14. And much more..... the sun in the sky is the limit

Eligibility Criteria

This course can be done by anyone. It does not have a special eligibility criteria. The only criteria is to have an access to a clean space having ample of sunlight and willingness to learn.

Course Benefits

This ancient science of Sun Therapy has myriad of benefits if practiced skillfully. After learning the principles once, it is the practice that you put into it that gives you real miraculous results every single time. People have been pulled out of years of coma through this otherwise not-so-popularized therapy. Get inspired by going through some of the benefits in the following list.

  1. Get rid of dangerous side-effects of Allopathic medicines
  2. Achieve healthy body and mind naturally
  3. SAY NO TO CANCER - Naturally
  4. Developing a strong immune system
  5. Enjoying health that is holistic in its complete sense
  6. Developing a happy and peaceful state of mind
  7.  Learn to make your own medicines
  8. Heal yourself and your loved ones in the most natural way
  9. Understand the imbalances of energies in your body
  10. Make Wonder Tonics at home
  11. Cure common illness like a pro
  12. Chronic diseases can also be cured successfully
  13. Wonderful cure for migraine, insomnia
  14. Relieves the symptoms of fits, asthma and many more
  15. You shall learn to use Solarised water, sugar and oil etc.
  16. Various combinations and formulae for curing diseases, pain etc.
  17. Totally Safe for children, weak and aged people
  18. Treat without fear of side effects
  19. Easy, cheap and natural therapy

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