Secrets of Saundarya Lahari

Saundarya Lahiri can be said to be a Kalpa-Vriksha or wish-granting tree. It is oozing with power to fulfill all the desires, material or otherwise. The most beautiful thing about this text is that it's verses can be used to propitiate Divine Mother even by those who have no deeksha in Tantra...

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Course Description

Tantra philosophy epitomizes all the aspects of 'Energy' or 'Power beind the Capacities' as 'Shakti' or Divine Mother - The MahaTripuraSundari. Further classification of this primordial  Shakti is done in three priniciple energies i.e. causal energy behind desiring, energy behind the speculation and differentiaed knowledge and energy behind every action are from time immemorial been referred to as Trinity of Goddesses - most popularly known as MahaKali, MahaSaraswati & MahaLaxmi. Although Tantra envisages not three but 10 Divine Energy principles known as DasMahaVidyas.

Tantra takes cognigence of elements that can directly tap into the specific energies of Shaktis. These identified elements are 'Roopa', 'Shabda' and 'method' through which one can modulate the flow/concentration or the Shakti's behaviour. Worship of specific form of Devi involves Yantra (Roopa) and Mantra (Sound) and Tantra (Process).

Saundarya Lahari is an extremely beautiful ancient Tantric scripture channeled by Shri Adi Shankaracharya - who inspite of being a Vedantic Scholar was a master of Tantra in practice. As Tantra is the path of Empowerment and Liberation through the propitiation of the Shakti principle it deals with the knowhow of intricate processes (using internal and external means) therefor also lays emphasis on learning and practice of these processes. This cryptic text by Shri Adi Shankaracharya is laden with almost all the knowledge a practitioner needs to have in order to master (read please) the Shakti principle that is means to material affluence and liberation both.

This Bi-weekly 2 HR+ Discussion on Saundarya Lahari with our beloved Masters Ma Shakti & Acharya Agyaatadarshan is not-to-be-missed opportunity for those who are sincerely exploring the domain of Shakti.

Course Curriculum

Saundarya Lahari has in all 100 verses. Some people divide it in two groups - First the Anand Lahari and Second Saundarya Lahari as they are referred to. Every verse of Saundarya Lahari has many mantras hidden in it, in coded-language by way of encryption. Each session a new verse is picked up - explored and decoded by Master explaining every aspect of the coded message in there.

Each Saundarya Lahari Session generally goes like this -


VENUE - Divine Planet, Malviya Nagar (New Delhi)


Guru Vandana & Invocation (3 mins)

Bhagwati Vandana (3 mins)

Ganesh Vandaha (1 mins)

Recitation of previous verses (10 mins)

Correct pronounciation of chosen verse is taught (10 mins)

Literal meaning of the Verse and its implied meaning (10 mins)

Explanation of Mantra, Yantra & Processes associated with it (80 mins)

Question & Answer Session (10 mins)

END TIME - 12:00 PM (IST)**

There are many essential things a person must know in order to be successful in bringing about the desired effect of one's sadhana with Saundarya Lahari verses. Usages of every single verse are many and those secrets are revealed by beloved Masters. For example -

For what purpose a particular Verse can be used

How many days and of recitation is needed

Upon which material and with which ink the Yantra is to be drawn

How to maximize your effects by harmonizing the process with your swaras

Which direction to face when drawing the Yantra

What exact 'Naivedyam to be offered

Other nuances while the anushthaanam


Eligibility Criteria

PREREQUISITE - Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Pratham Koti Deeksha*

Each verse of Saundarya Lahari can be used independently from application point. however it is obvisouly better to have forehand knowledge of the principles of Tantric philosophy and shakti sadhana. So if you are joining these sessions in between (not from the start) you should request for advice on 'suggested reading' right at the end of your first session.

Terms & Conditions

By choosing to attend these sessions on Saundarya Lahari you agree that -

1. You will not make a request for change in the timings of the sessions

2. You will join the session right at the stated time and not be late

3. Shall not request for refund if a session is cancelled.*

5. Shall not ask for repeat of a session in case missed.

5. You shall follow the oath of secrecy and would not RECORD this session in any form**.

*In case a session is cancelled due to non-availability of Master or a technical/network issue we shall accomodate your fee for the next session.

**You are allowed to take noted for self use though.

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